Each of the unique non-unique non-fungible gibberish sounding classifications are in fact… AIR. Now let’s be clear air is very useful for breathing so we don’t want to discount it. Bucky’s Intention for what we now call the blockchain was transparency equaling honesty and integrity.

There are no promises for the future of Blockchain or NFTs I do however want to make a point. Spontaneous cooperation is the best position for humanity.

To me NFTs and solar carbon mining are a way to show the evolution of designs. Each of the NFTs below is the highest resolution these photographs exist in.

I hope you’ll share that in the humor that in a World of paywalls and disconnect, i’m using free and connectivity to play a game with you the user. The more you immerse yourself in all Buckminster Fuller’s imagery, writings and films, you will notice your world view and experience of yourself change for the better. To me your awareness is way more valuable than money. Our collective awareness shifts the world. The images below represent a span of 80 years of a life spent giving and mentoring. Deeper than the images themselves find yourself in here. cart the images that resonate with you. These are actually the rare original sizes. They belong to the universe anyway but have fun going through them. Take what you like. Can you simply copy them? Of course. But rather than swiping them it would be more fun to play a game with meĀ 

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